Presenting the most versatile bracelet in my wardrobe

…and where to get it.

BbLila Bracelet - Jewelry and Journey

Thank you BbLila!

I needed to share this bracelet with the world because it is that great. I have had this bracelet for about two years now, and it never fails me. I’ve worn this bracelet dressed down and dressed to the nines. It goes with absolutely everything – sooo versatile.

I came across this BbLila bracelet in a boutique as I was shopping for my birthday. It appears a little pricey for those who don’t understand the cost of adding multiple charms, but I promise it is an investment. I splurged that day for my birthday, and thank God! I have never worn a single accessory so many times. I also receive endless complements. After excessively wearing this bracelet for almost two years, it has zero damage to it. {& it’s a stretch bracelets so having it break was my initial concern.}

Do yourself a favor and invest in this bracelet here. No affiliation at all; just wanted to let y’all in on a little secret of mine! You can also browse their other bracelets if you would rather a bracelet with a pop of color.

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I am a jewelry addict, but I still find myself always wearing this bracelet. What’s your most versatile accessory? Let us know in the comments!

Most Versatile Bracelet Pinterst Pin - Jewelry and Journey