Riss’s Travel Guide: Miami, Florida
Riss’s Travel Guide: Miami, Florida
Greenview Hotel, Miami, Florida - Jewelry and Journey

The cutest book in our room at Greenview Hotel

Bienvenido a Miami

For today’s travel guide, let me whisk you away to a city filled with everything you ever needed. Miami has it all from raging to relaxation. They sure know how to party and then indulge in some R&R.

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In May 2016, Nick and I took on Miami for a much needed beach trip. After a flight fiasco on our trip to Puerto Rico the year before, we all received $100 vouchers with the airline, so we flew to Miami for $77! How could we pass that up? Not to mention, Nick also has family in Miami, so we had the best escorts to show us around the entire city.

The Hotel

We wanted to stay in South Beach, so we chose a cute boutique hotel called Greenview. They were so kind to us, extremely cost-effective, and very clean. Each morning the lobby had complimentary breakfast snacks and beverages before we headed out to the beach. They also gave us towels to use! The hotel has a great location for not being directly on the beach. This will also save you tons of moola $$$. Greenview is a very short walk to the beach and Lincoln Road. I would give Greenview Hotel 5 stars and would go back in a heartbeat. But now to the activities…

South Beach

TAKE ME BACK! Before you hit the sand, visit the street vendors. You can appreciate the handcrafted jewelry from locals or buy a coconut to sip on. After getting distracted by shiny objects, you can make your way to the warm sand and crystal clear water. The water is perfect here. I’m usually pretty nervous about sea life in the water, but the water is so clear that you can sea all of the cute, tiny fish. We would just stand in the water and watch the fish swim around us. I will say that there was one giant, sword looking fish that caused my soul to escape my body, but other than that I had a blast looking at all of the fish. Just watch out for sharks, hehe. And dolphins. We encountered both during our stay! When this happens, everyone gets out of the water and gathers around on the sand watching them swim around. You can tell how common it is here though because I watched a guy paddle board and shoo the dolphins away.

South Beach, Miami, Florida - Jewelry and Journey

Lincoln Road

Lincoln Road treated us and our tummies well. Not so much our wallets. πŸ™‚ We loved going to Havana 1957 for some Cuban food! Their food tastes great and is served in big portions. Nick and I split tostones and rope vieja (a favorite dish of ours that Nick’s mom makes us at home). We couldn’t resist eating it in Miami too! While on the road, we had to stop at the Sugar Factory for an overpriced drink and a priceless picture.

Sugar Factory, Lincoln Road, Miami, Florida - Jewelry and Journey

Worth it!!

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We had most of our meals on Lincoln Road because it was fast to walk to and easy to convince the boys to let us shop after dinner. πŸ˜‰ I experienced my first of many adventures to Zara while in Miami! If you haven’t been to one, make it a priority. It is fashion heaven, and I am so excited that my hometown is getting one next year! I’m going to develop an even worse shopping addiction. Other than Zara, I dragged Nick with me around H&M, which was huge! It’s the Swedish retailer’s flagship store, so you know this H&M has all of the good stuff.Β While on the topic of shopping, most girls feel the need to visit Dash while in Miami. Well, we made about a 5-minute stop in the Dash store, laughed, and walked out. Good for the Kardashians, but that store is a joke – more like an overpriced souvenir shop. I just don’t want your expectations to be high. Rant over. πŸ™‚

Nexxt Cafe, Miami, Florida - Jewelry and Journey

Dinner at Nexxt Cafe on Lincoln Road

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Thoughts on Ocean Drive

We did not do anything on Ocean Drive specifically, so I can’t really give my opinion. I was told by almost everyone that it’s a tourist trap and to avoid it at all costs. I know it has really cool places to visit though like the Versace Mansion! Just a thought to keep in mind.

Night Out in Wynwood and Downtown Miami

Nick’s cousins took us out one night that lasted until the morning. Our Uber set the tone of the night when it showed up with party lights! Our first stop was to a bar called SHOTS in Wynwood. It had so much entertainment aside from the people, drinks, and music. {We started a count for how many times Gasolina played…hint: We lost track.} There were multiple performers, my favorite being the LED Robot Drummer. He drummed away with high energy getting the whole crowd singing and dancing. We ended the night at Sidebar in Downtown Miami. This bar was calmer, but it was filled with people who weren’t looking to end their night anytime soon. After enjoying the music and each other’s company, we ended up calling it a “morning” around 4am.

Bus Tour

The bus tour is a great option if you want to see everything Miami has to offer and learn the history as you travel. The bus pass also comes with a coupon book that you can use at stops. The beginning of the tour is at Biscayne Bay which is across the street from a little shopping mall (pretty touristy). I’ll run through some of the stops we made!

Biscayne Bay, Miami, Florida - Jewelry and Journey

Biscayne Bay

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Coconut Grove:Β Coconut Grove is essentially a shopping center. We stopped here to use a free pizza coupon, and I also managed to find macarons. {yummm}

Coral Gables:Β Coral Gables is the cutest Mediterranean styled suburb. Riding through, you get to dream about your future home. Each house is exquisite and detailed, and the surrounded greenery completes the theme. Coral Gables is also home to an old coral rock quarry swimming pool, the Venetian Pool.

Little Havana: Filled with Cuban culture, Little Havana is great for eating, shopping {smelling Cuban cigars}, and appreciating Latin arts. This is the true multicultural experience.

South Beach:Β Riding through South Beach gives you the opporuntity to appreciate all of the Art Deco architecture at the top of every building. It’s so inspiring if your creative mind is always running like mine! This was my favorite tour despite the fact that I had already seen all of South Beach at ground level.

Other fun options:

  • Nikki Beach (a cute lounge on the beach that turns into a club at night)
  • Nightclubs: STORY, VIP, or IVY
  • Splitsville at The Shops at Sunset Place

Final Thoughts:

Miami has so much to offer, even aside from the tourist attractions. You could spend your entire trip right on the beach or spend your trip traveling around the city. Either way, you’re guaranteed a great time! Have you been to Miami? Let us know in the comments your favorite memory from your trip.

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