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Reset Your Heirloom Diamonds with These Designers

Discover my top 3 favorite designers that I would recommend you to reset your heirloom diamonds with! Each has a very particular aesthetic. Choose your favorite, and let me know in the comments!

Heidi Gibson Designs

Heidi Gibson is a designer I’ve been following for a couple of years now. I’m sure my boyfriend is sick of me tagging him in Heidi’s posts lol! Sheย is always posting incredible engagement stories and testimonials from her clients on Instagram {…I’m a sucker for these.}ย That is a reason in and of itself to follow her, but also her designs brighten up my Insta feed. She is your go-to designer for a vintage engagement ring. Her art deco style is mesmerizing and classy. She also encourages you to reset your heirloom stones with her designs.ย Heidi personally works with each and every client to create their dream ring. Not to mention, the pricing is extremely transparent and reasonable. She hand makes each ring and offers more affordable customizing {such as white sapphires instead of diamonds.} You can really tell that she is more in the business of making her clients happy than producing hundreds of rings. Make your Insta feed prettier, and give Heidi a follow here.

Lauren B Jewelry

If you’re searching for a glitzy, timeless engagement ring, Lauren B Jewelry shines brighter than the Empire State Building. Located in NYC, Lauren B takes pride in placing diamonds in the most unique places. Their designs are known for seamless double edge halos and pave edging along the entire ring. These engagement rings are meant to be shown at all angles to reveal every hidden sparkle. Since 1978, the Behar family has been killing the jewelry game but have become increasingly famous for their engagement rings. {Peep their insta for instant satisfaction.} They also recently created a website to extend their worldwide fame. Show them some love on social media! Pro Tip: They have done engagement ring giveaways in the past, and it doesn’t hurt to try. ๐Ÿ˜‰


For all of my indie jewelry lovers and offbeat brides, Everett will bring your vision to life. Everett boasts the bridal stack of your dreams. Alexandra Cole Nelson infused the East and West coasts into her style. If you have an heirloom diamond to set but are not satisfied with the classic ring styles you find in a jewelry store, you must take your diamond to Everett. Although she uses non-traditional center stones in her own work, I asked, and she would love to reset your traditional diamond into her settings. You cannot find a more feminine, classy yet non-traditional design anywhere else.

Which style is your favorite?

I just can’t choose my favorite style! I would be absolutely ecstatic to reset my diamonds with any of these designers. They each have something different to offer, and you cannot go wrong with any of them. So which style is your favorite? Do you have any other suggestions on great designers to set your heirloom diamonds with?

Reset Your Heirloom Diamonds with These Designers Pinterest Pin

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