I’ve been thinking a lot lately about finding my true happiness but also digging deeper to achieve JOY. I learned in high school that happiness is fleeting while joy is everlasting. It’s so easy to fit in and follow the crowd to appear satisfied or happy. But it could all be a facade, and sometimes that’s hard to face. I look back on a lot of my life that seems to be mindless. With all of the studying, working, and partying, I was the full balanced act. I was having fun and doing everything right, yet I was still not fulfilled. Life is about purpose, and you may not find your joy until you understand your purpose. Personally, I find joy in being able to help those that I can. I am constantly working to be in a position where I can help anyone who may need support. Fundraising through my jewelry business has been so rewarding in the past, and it reinforced my innate sense of wanting to make a difference in someone’s life.

We will all find joy in different places, but I’ve picked out some quotes that I feel are important to keep in mind when searching for true joy in your life! 

1. “Lions don’t lose sleep over the opinions of sheep.”

Do not take other people’s opinions to heart. This has to be the hardest one, but it makes such a difference in your life when you truly stop listening to the “haters.” Not everyone will like you, so stop trying. Be the absolute most honest version of yourself and true friends will flock to you.

2. “Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.” Buddha

Live in the present. My boyfriend Nick and I go to dinner sometimes and talk about what we will want do after dinner ends. Why can’t we just enjoy the moment? I constantly remind myself to stop planning when I should be living. But if you know me, you know I’m a huge planner, and I constantly find myself worrying about the future. I try to take my planning day by day now instead of year by year (lol, I have serious issues with living in the moment). Take the time to plan your day out in the morning. The first thing I do when I want to have a productive day is write a list on my iPhone of everything I want done. 

3. “Make it a lifestyle, not a duty.”

THIS IS SO IMPORTANT. Change your lifestyle to a positive one! YOU choose your happiness, YOU choose your joy. What helped me the most was exercising. I just started yoga, and it has been amazing. It gets me out of bed and off of Netflix (s/o to Riverdale and the Keepers but y’all took to much of my life away). I feel no choice but to be productive after a relaxing yoga class. #girlboss Thank pop culture for making it cool to stay in bed all day with pizza and Netflix. Namaste in bed? No thanks! I’m going to live a healthier, productive lifestyle. [Side note: If you really find joy sitting in bed binge watching Netflix all day, I’m not one to judge ;)]

4. “Travel far enough, you meet yourself.”

Take the time to travel even if it’s only an hour away. Studies show that people who travel are happier. Go hike a new trail that’s nearby! Or plan to drive to the beach for the day. I do not have much experience with traveling, but I’m in the process of changing that. I’ve traveled to Puerto Rico and Miami recently. But next year I will be moving to Spain for SIX MONTHS! I don’t think I’ll come back the same person, but only great things will come from this experience.

5. “Always be genuinely happy for others.”

This is all about how you choose to see life. You have complete control over your life and emotions. Never be jealous or try to compete with someone. Girls love to talk each other down and gossip when something good happens in your life. “Did you hear Jenny got asked on a date? He probably just wants to sleep with her.” NO girl NO. Maybe some guy is really into her because she’s a great person. This to me is the most important of all. You cannot be truly happy for others until you are  truly happy with yourself, and you cannot love anyone else until you love yourself. Positivity radiates from those who choose happiness and joy above all else.

Where do you see yourself finding joy? Let me know in the comments! <3