Chan Luu - Jewelry and Journey

Chan Luu: Jewelry for Everyday Luxury

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Chan Luu Fall Favorites

“Chan Luu blends global inspiration and a California lifestyle to capture the essence of everyday luxury. A reflection of a well-traveled spirit influenced by multicultural sensibilities, each meticulously designed collection is a modern expression of effortless style and enduring beauty.”

There are so many reasons why I love and chose to feature Chan Luu. She is such an inspiration to me as an aspiring jewelry designer, and I feel like my journey will wind up much like hers. She found her passion for design at a young age, yet she graduated from college with a business degree. Her passion drove her to continue her education in fashion design in Los Angeles, and she started her own brand in 1996 (the year I was born, wow!). Her hard work and dedication certainly payed off considering that she is now in hundreds of retail locations. She even recently opened her first store in Santa Monica, which I happened to see on my trip to Los Angeles!

Chan Luu Bracelets

Chan Luu does not compromise the quality of her jewelry. Each piece she designs is handcrafted by her team of skilled artisans, and she vows to keep it that way to maintain her jewelry’s uniqueness and authenticity. To back up her promise of premium quality, Chan Luu offers a one-year warranty on all of her jewelry.

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Which piece is your favorite? I’m really loving her pom pom and tassel earrings! Let me know what you think in the comments and feel free to share with me your favorite designers. 🙂