How Lauren Hebert transformed my hair in time for the New Year!

Watch this short video I created highlighting my incredible salon experience with Lauren Hebert as she transformed my brassy, solid highlights into an icy, waterfall balayage. Keep reading after to find a special offer for my NOLA girls!

Not only am I obsessed with how my hair turned out, but Lauren also exceeded my expectations when I allowed her total creative control. My only requests to her were 1. Give me a look that will grow out well over the next 6 months and 2. Do not take length off my hair. I have no doubt that you could sit in her chair, let her do what she thinks is best for your hair, and leave more than satisfied by your experience with Lauren.

Book with Lauren Hebert in January for $20 off your hair service when you mention Jewelry and Journey.

Message Lauren on Instagram or call her today to make an appointment: (504) 559-9204

Before and After

Jewelry and Journey x Lauren Hebert x @hairbyla7uren
Instagram: @hairbyla7uren
Jewelry and Journey x Lauren Hebert x @hairbyla7uren
Facebook: Lauren Hebert
Jewelry and Journey x Lauren Hebert x @hairbyla7uren

My Experience

Lauren works at Beauty Lounge in New Orleans, which has the most amazing vibes. It certainly feels like a New Orleans lounge with brick walls, eclectic nic nacs, and upbeat jazzy music. If I haven’t sold you on an appointment with Lauren yet, I promise the change of salon location will make it even more worth it. This is the kind of salon you want to spend your day in sipping wine and eating a pizza while your hair processes ( I did both lol).

Jewelry and Journey x Lauren Hebert x @hairbyla7uren

Lauren has a positively shining personality and is easy to talk to. I had fun getting to know her better as she worked on my hair, and it felt like I had already known her my whole life. To all my girls who love to talk it up a salon, Lauren will certainly become your best friend during the first five minutes of your appointment! To my girls who typically hate when the Uber driver tries to talk to you, no worries, Lauren is NOT an annoying chatty Uber driver! She has incredible people skills and will sense if maybe you aren’t at the salon to chat. Sometimes you just need a glass of wine, and your head massaged, right? 😉

Jewelry and Journey x Lauren Hebert x @hairbyla7uren


One of my biggest hair accomplishments in 2017 was finally cutting my hair short, and now I love it! I think in 2018, I’m going to try growing my hair a little longer again and seeing how I feel about it after going short. What hair changes do you plan on making in 2018? Like I said before, new do, new you! Happy New Year loves!!


Jewelry and Journey x Lauren Hebert x @hairbyla7uren