Jewelry and Journey Owner Marissa Wehrer

Welcome to Jewelry and Journey.

Jewelry and Journey explores all facets of jewelry, self-growth, and travel.


I began designing jewelry at the end of my freshmen year in college. In May 2015, my first jewelry business baby was born, Geo By Riss. At that time layering was all the rage, which was also quite expensive. I wanted to create affordable accessories for myself, so I started making jewelry. My mom makes jewelry herself, and my dad is an entrepreneur. I naturally followed in their footsteps and started selling my handmade creations! I learned so much from running Geo By Riss – lessons that are irreplaceable. My favorite part of owning Geo by Riss was being able to give back to my community. {Social entrepreneurship is so important to me.} In May 2017, I decided to take a break from Geo By Riss to reevaluate exactly what path I wanted to take for my future. Three things are certain to me today: 1. I want to be a part of a socially responsible business. 2. I want to work in the jewelry/fashion industry. 3. I want to explore the world.


The purpose of Jewelry and Journey is to share my journey as I discover new territories in the jewelry world and the real world (dun dun dunnn). I vow to teach you everything I learn firsthand so that you can learn it too.

You can contact me at I also admin a group on Facebook called Jewelry Designers Outlet where we share resources, discuss trends, and share wins. I would love to have you join.

All the best,