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Paige Gamble and Jane Taylor Jewelry - Jewelry and Journey
in Jewelry

Every Jeweler Must Have a Paige Gamble Bag

Paige Gamble dreams of being fashion’s fairy godmother. She would love to create anything you can dream up, but until then she is creating pieces that she loves in her Manhattan atelier. Her expertise lies in Italian leather accessories. Recently,…

in Self-Growth

Finding Your Joy

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about finding my true happiness but also digging deeper to achieve JOY. I learned in high school that happiness is fleeting while joy is everlasting. It’s so easy to fit in and follow the crowd to…

Riss’s Travel Guide: Miami, Florida
Riss’s Travel Guide: Miami, Florida
in Travel

Riss’s Travel Guide: Miami, Florida

Bienvenido a Miami For today’s travel guide, let me whisk you away to a city filled with everything you ever needed. Miami has it all from raging to relaxation. They sure know how to party and then indulge in some…